Airport Information Incheon Airport, Gateway to Seoul Korea

Incheon Airport, Gateway to Seoul Korea

Currently, Incheon International Airport is a gateway to Seoul, Korea. URLs of ICN & GMP are as follows:
INCHEON International Airport: ICN
GIMPO International Airport: GMP

NOTES: Before Incheon International Airport(ICN) opened on March 29, 2001, Gimpo International Airport(GMP) was a gateway to Seoul(Sel). Incheon int'l airport(ICN) has become the international airport to Seoul and Gimpo airport, which used to serve as an international airport, has been operating ONLY as a domestic airport SINCE 2001. Virtually all air travellers are coming to Korea through Incheon int'l airport(ICN). Please contact Incheon International Airport for more details ICN Airport Rental Cars | Airline Tickets |